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Provide ability to work with HBaseWD thru Thrift API #16

abaranau opened this Issue August 03, 2012 · 1 comment

1 participant


Not sure for now what really needs to be done here. See this thread for some details:!topic/hbasewd/NZmflpZQth0.


Are we going to "cover" only read path? I.e. only reading data? Which makes more sense to me.

So, what are the options?

  • perform needed row key computations on server-side
  • perform needed row key computations on client-side

I guess the latter makes more sense. I guess this would mean creating some code for Python(?), ... analogous to DistributedScanner in java.

Haven't worked with HBase thru thrift API, so some help to figure out the option would be great.

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