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Kubernetes Cheatsheet

brought to you by Sematext

Client Configuration

  • Setup autocomplete in bash; bash-completion package should be installed first

    source <(kubectl completion bash)

  • View Kubernetes config

    kubectl config view

  • View specific config items by json path

    kubectl config view -o jsonpath='{.users[?( == "k8s")].user.password}'

Manage Resources

  • Get documentation for pod or service

    kubectl explain pods,svc

  • Create resource(s) like pods, services or daemonsets

    kubectl create -f ./my-manifest.yaml

  • Apply a configuration to a resource

    kubectl apply -f ./my-manifest.yaml

  • Start a single instance of Nginx

    kubectl run nginx --image=nginx

  • Create a secret with several keys

     cat <<EOF | kubectl create -f -
     apiVersion: v1
     kind: Secret
       name: mysecret
     type: Opaque
       password: $(echo -n "s33msi4" | base64)
       username: $(echo -n "jane" | base64)
  • Delete a resource

    kubectl delete -f ./my-manifest.yaml

Viewing, Finding Resources

  • List all services in the namespace

    kubectl get services

  • List all pods in all namespaces in wide format

    kubectl get pods -o wide --all-namespaces

  • List all pods in json (or yaml) format

    kubectl get pods -o json

  • Describe resource details (node, pod, svc)

    kubectl describe nodes my-node

  • List services sorted by name

    kubectl get services

  • List pods sorted by restart count

    kubectl get pods --sort-by='.status.containerStatuses[0].restartCount'

  • Rolling update pods for frontend-v1

    kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 -f frontend-v2.json

  • Scale a replicaset named 'foo' to 3

    kubectl scale --replicas=3 rs/foo

  • Scale a resource specified in "foo.yaml" to 3

    kubectl scale --replicas=3 -f foo.yaml

  • Execute a command in every pod / replica

    for i in 0 1; do kubectl exec foo-$i -- sh -c 'echo $(hostname) > /usr/share/nginx/html/index.html'; done

Monitoring & Logging

  • Deploy Heapster from Github repository

    kubectl create -f deploy/kube-config/standalone/

  • Show metrics for nodes

    kubectl top node

    kubectl top node my-node-1

  • Show metrics for pods

    kubectl top pod

    kubectl top pod my-pod-1

  • Show metrics for a given pod and its containers

    kubectl top pod pod_name --containers

  • Dump pod logs (stdout)

    kubectl logs pod_name

  • Stream pod container logs (stdout, multi-container case)

    kubectl logs -f pod_name -c my-container

  • Create a daemonset from stdin. The example deploys Sematext Docker Agent to all nodes for the cluster-wide collection of metrics, logs and events. There is NO need to deploy cAdvisor, Heapster, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Grafana, InfluxDb on your local nodes. Please replace YOUR_SPM_DOCKER_TOKEN and YOUR_LOGSENE_TOKEN with your tokens created in Sematext Cloud UI before you run the command.

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: DaemonSet
  name: sematext-agent
        app: sematext-agent
      nodeSelector: {}
      hostNetwork: true
      dnsPolicy: "ClusterFirst"
      restartPolicy: "Always"
      - name: sematext-agent
        image: sematext/sematext-agent-docker:latest
        imagePullPolicy: "Always"
        - name: SPM_TOKEN
          value: "YOUR_SPM_DOCKER_TOKEN"
        - name: LOGSENE_TOKEN
          value: "YOUR_LOGSENE_TOKEN"
          - mountPath: /var/run/docker.sock
            name: docker-sock
          - mountPath: /etc/localtime
            name: localtime
          privileged: true
        - name: docker-sock
            path: /var/run/docker.sock
        - name: localtime
            path: /etc/localtime