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Quick Start - run mkdocs in a container with python2

git clone
cd docs
docker run -d --name st-mkdocs -p 8000:8000 -v $(pwd):/workspace pengbai/docker-mkdocs \
pip install mkdocs-material===2.7.0 &&  \
pip install markdown-fenced-code-tabs && mkdocs serve 
open http://localhost:8000

Build site with Docker

Run the script. It will create a site folder that you can deploy.

$ ./

Manual installation

Install python & pip - see Manual Installation

$ python --version
Python 2.7.2
$ pip --version
pip 1.5.2

Install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

In mkdocs.yml:

Getting started Start the server by running the mkdocs serve command:

$ mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 160402 15:50:43 server:271] Serving on
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:58] Start watching changes
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:60] Start detecting changes

Open up in your browser, and you'll see the default home page being displayed:

Build the site

$ mkdocs build

This will create a new directory, named site. Now, we can deploy site to server.

Generate PDF

We also use pandoc to convert markdown to PDF.

  • goto the markdown folder: we need to convert to PDF fromt he folder which contains the markdown file so that pandoc can read image file.
  • generate all markdown to PDF and store in folder ./pdf

Run link checker

Check 404 links for using w3c linkchecker

Convert Confluence to Markdown

Export Confluence to HTML

Use Confluence export feature to export HTML. It can export the whole space or individual page. Here are steps:

  • go to Space tools
  • go to Content Tools tab
  • go to Export tab
  • choose HTML option
  • choose Normal Export option to extract the whole space and Custom Export if you want to extract individual page
  • click Export

Extract main content from HTML

The exported HTML from the previous step contains layout format from Confluence. Extract only the main content from it before converting to Markdown.

Extract the export zip file to folder


Then extract main content to another folder

java -jar bin/extract.jar inputDir ouputDir
   - inputDir the extracted space folder Or a html file
   - outputDir the output folder

Convert to Markdown

Use pandoc to convert HTML to Markdown. Install pandoc using instructions from

Convert the HTML extracted in the previous step to Markdown

bin/ inputDir outputDir
   - inputDir: the extracted html folder
   - outputDir: the markdown folder

Convert Google Doc to Markdown

  1. In your google doc go to Tools > Script editor
  2. Copy this script to the code section in the Script editor
  3. Save the script
  4. To trigger the conversion (from Script editor) go to Run > Run function > ConvertToMarkdown (it will run on the google doc from which you opened Script editor)
  5. You'll be prompted to give GDrive reading and mailing rights to the script
  6. You'll receive an email with markdown and image files attached