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Wordpress blog migrated to Pelican


Update: As the blog has moved again, this post is not relevant anymore.

So, last .htaccess redirects are deployed, the migration of my old Wordpress blog to Pelican is finished.

Some time ago I decided to move my blog to something simpler, something I can host everywhere, something easily customizable and something I can version-control. I made a quick survey of static site generators, but in the end I was deciding between Pelican and Octopress. I chose the former simply because I'm more familiar with Python than with Ruby, so it will be easier for me to make various modifications.

I'm using heavily customized tuxlite_tbs theme, which looks, unlike my old wordpress theme, well on mobile devices, too.

There are two GitHub repositories, the first one contains blog sources and the other one is the GitHub user pages repo with compiled Pelican output. If you find an error somewhere or would like to contribute to some of the blog posts, you can of course submit pull requests in the blog sources repository.

I hope you like the new blog, I will try to write new articles as often as possible.