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A Chrome extension to rewrite journal URLs to WashU Library Proxies.
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WashU Library Chrome Extension

Install the extension for Chrome at the Chrome Web Store.


This is a Chrome extension that automatically rewrites journal URLs to include the WashU library proxies (both Danforth and Becker proxies).

These proxies are:

e.g. would become: OR

NOTE: This extension requires either a WUSTL Key or a Becker Proxy account.


  • Auto Redirect (default: true)
    • Should we automatically redirect the page if it's in a database of known journals ([LIB]-journals.js)?
  • Enable Danforth Proxy (default: true)
    • Should we use
  • Enable Becker Proxy (default: true)
    • Should we use (or
  • Prefer Danforth Proxy (default: false)
    • If a journal is in both proxies (e.g. Nature) and both are enabled, should we prefer Danforth?


Nick Semenkovich


Copyright 2011-2015, Nick Semenkovich

Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Some content (e.g. options.html) is licensed under the Google BSD 3-Clause License:

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