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cspuz: A library for making puzzle solvers based on CSP reduction

cspuz is a Python library for making puzzle solvers based on CSP reduction. It offers:

  • Intuitive interfaces to use efficient CSP solvers from Python, and
  • A collection of functionalities which makes writing puzzle solvers easier.


cspuz requires a CSP solver corresponding to the backend specified in the program. Currently, three backends are supported:

  • z3
  • Sugar
  • sugar-ext, which aims to reduce the overhead of invokation of sugar script of Sugar.

In cspuz, Sugar backend is used by default. However, for better performance, sugar-ext is highly recommended. You can change the default backend to sugar-ext by setting the $CSPUZ_DEFAULT_BACKEND environment variable to sugar_extended.


Before installing cspuz, you need to setup a backend CSP solver.

z3 backend

Installing z3 will be as easy as just running

pip install z3-solver

in your terminal.

Sugar backend

To use Sugar backend, you first need to install Sugar (which can be downloaded from Sugar's website). Then, you need to specify the path of sugar script (provided in the Sugar archive) by $CSPUZ_BACKEND_PATH environment variable.

sugar-ext backend

sugar-ext backend also depends on Sugar. Therefore, as in the case of Sugar backend, you need to install Sugar first. After installing Sugar, you need to specify the path of Sugar JAR file by $SUGAR_JAR environment variable, then compile CspuzSugarInterface by running sugar_extension/ (JDK required). Then, you need to specify the path of sugar_extension/ script (rather than sugar) by $CSPUZ_BACKEND_PATH environment variable. Please note that $SUGAR_JAR is also required for running

csugar backend

csugar is a reimplementation of Sugar CSP solver in C++. Although it is not fully verified, it offers several performance advangates:

  • It can use MiniSat incrementally. This contributes to improve the performance of finding non-refutable assignments (Solver.solve in cspuz).
  • Moreover, it supports graph connectivity as a native constraint. Thus, it can handle constraints such as cspuz.graph.active_vertices_connected, cspuz.graph.division_connected and cspuz.graph.active_edges_single_cycle. To utilize this feature from cspuz, you need to set $CSPUZ_USE_GRAPH_PRIMITIVE environment variable to 1.

csugar binary which will be produced by building csugar is designed to run in the same way as Therefore, you can set the $CSPUZ_DEFAULT_BACKEND to sugar_extended in order to use csugar.

Installing cspuz

First clone this repository to whichever directory you like, and run pip install . in the directory in which you cloned it.


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