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Implemented the new Lists API

The new Lists API methods have been added to API::REST.  That's where Twitter
lists the documentation for them, and they use the same base URI.

For backwards compatibility, the api methods in API::Lists have been renamed
legacy_* and they override the new methods.  So, user code that includes the
API::Lists trait will continue to run using the old semantics and end-points.
To use the new Lists API methods, users just need to drop the API::Lists trait
and use the API::REST trait instead.
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+ - implemented the *new* Lists API in the API::REST trait
- replaced MX:MultiInitArg::Trait with MX:Aliases (Justin Hunter)
- fixed bad whatis entry (patch from debian, closes RT #67203)
- use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 (patch from debian, closes RT #67202)
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