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use strict;
use lib '.';
use inc::Module::Install;
print << '_';
*** WARNING ***
YAML::Syck version >=0.60 breaks compatibility with earlier versions of
YAML::Syck and (<0.60) when serializing blessed references.
See the COMPATIBILITY file for more information.
my $bad;
if (eval { require YAML; $YAML::VERSION < 0.60 }) {
print "*** Pre-0.60 version of ($YAML::VERSION) detected.\n";
if (eval { require YAML::Syck; $YAML::Syck::VERSION < 0.60 }) {
print "*** Pre-0.60 version of YAML::Syck ($YAML::Syck::VERSION) detected.\n";
if ($bad and !is_admin()) {
exit() unless prompt("Continue installing YAML::Syck?", 'y') =~ /^y/i;
name 'YAML-Syck';
license 'MIT';
all_from 'lib/YAML/';
cc_inc_paths '.';
cc_files (glob("*.c"), (-e 'Syck.c' ? () : 'Syck.c'));
# cc_optimize_flags '-g3';
can_cc or die "This module requires a C compiler";
include_deps 'Test::More';
requires 'Scalar::Util';
build_requires 'Devel::Leak' if defined $ENV{'AUTOMATED_TESTING'};
sign; WriteAll;
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