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A Pure Python BitTorrent Tracker using Tornado.
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Pytt (Python Torrent Tracker, pronounced as 'pity') is a BitTorrent Tracker written in Python using non-blocking Tornado Web Server. It also features a nice and clean UI for showing Tracker statistics.

Work In Progress: May not work as a fully functioning Torrent Tracker.

Installing Pytt

To install Pytt, run

sudo python install

Configuring Pytt

Edit ~/.pytt/config/pytt.conf and change the values to your choice. The following options are available.

  • port: Pytt will listen to this port
  • interval: Interval in seconds that the client should wait between sending regular requests to the tracker.
  • min_interval: Minimum announce interval. If present clients must not re-announce more frequently than this.

Running Pytt

To run Pytt, do

python -b


pytt -d
  • -p or --port (optional): To specify port
  • -d or --debug (optional): Enable debug mode
  • -b or --background (optional): Run as a daemon process


MIT License. Refer COPYING for more info.

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