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Tools and code for studying admissible sequences for the polymath8 project.

First of all, try:

./sbt "run-main polymath.RichardsSequenceApp 341640"

which should find the first Richards-Henley sequence of size 341,640, and report that it has width 4,802,222. There's a long delay after it prints 'trying m = 5500', as it verifies admissibility at all the remaining primes. The whole things takes about 8 minutes to run on my elderly iMac. It's multithreaded, and should be fairly efficient. You can read and improve on the code yourself!

You can ask for other sizes, e.g.

./sbt "run-main polymath.RichardsSequenceApp 1000"

Later, there will hopefully be some interesting code for sieving and annealing.

There's a python port of some of this code at

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