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;; Clojure Wrapper for Selenium-WebDriver
;; WebDriver is a library that allows for easy manipulation of the Firefox,
;; Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer graphical browsers, as well as the
;; Java-based HtmlUnit headless browser.
;; This library provides both a thin wrapper around WebDriver and a more
;; Clojure-friendly API for finding elements on the page and performing
;; actions on them. See the README for more details.
;; Credits to mikitebeka's `webdriver-clj` project on Github for a starting-
;; point for this project and many of the low-level wrappers around the
;; WebDriver API.
(ns clj-webdriver.core
(:use [clj-webdriver util record])
(:require [clj-webdriver.js.browserbot :as browserbot-js] :reload)
(:import [clj_webdriver.record WindowHandle]
[org.openqa.selenium By WebDriver WebElement Cookie
[org.openqa.selenium.firefox FirefoxDriver]
[ InternetExplorerDriver]
[ ChromeDriver]
[org.openqa.selenium.htmlunit HtmlUnitDriver]
[ Select]
[java.util Date]
[ File]))
(def webdriver-drivers
{:firefox FirefoxDriver
:ie InternetExplorerDriver
:chrome ChromeDriver
:htmlunit HtmlUnitDriver})
(defn new-driver
"Create new driver instance given a browser type. If an additional profile object or string is passed in, Firefox will be started with the given profile instead of the default."
(.newInstance (webdriver-drivers browser)))
([browser profile]
(when (not= :firefox browser)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Only Firefox supports profiles")))
(FirefoxDriver. profile)))
(defn get-url
"Navigate the driver to a given URL"
[driver url]
(.get driver url))
(defn start
"Shortcut to instantiate a driver, navigate to a URL, and return the driver for further use"
[browser url]
(let [d (new-driver browser)]
(get-url d url)
(defn current-url
"Retrieve the URL of the current page"
(.getCurrentUrl driver))
(defn title
"Retrieve the title of the current page as defined in the `head` tag"
(.getTitle driver))
(defn page-source
"Retrieve the source code of the current page"
(.getPageSource driver))
(declare window-handles*)
(declare window-handle*)
(declare switch-to-window)
(defn close
"Close this browser instance, switching to an active one if more than one is open"
(let [handles (window-handles* driver)]
(if (> (count handles) 1) ; get back to a window that is open before proceeding
(let [this-handle (window-handle* driver)
idx (.indexOf handles this-handle)]
(zero? idx) (do ; if first window, switch to next
(.close driver)
(switch-to-window driver (nth handles (inc idx))))
:else (do ; otherwise, switch back one window
(.close driver)
(switch-to-window driver (nth handles (dec idx))))))
(.close driver))))
; TODO catch webdriver exception
(defn quit
"Destroy this browser instance"
(.quit driver))
;; ## Navigation Interface
(defn back
"Go back to the previous page in \"browsing history\""
(.back (.navigate driver)))
(defn forward
"Go forward to the next page in \"browsing history\"."
(.forward (.navigate driver)))
(defn to
"Navigate to a particular URL. Arg `url` can be either String or Equivalent to the `get` function, provided here for compatibility with WebDriver API."
[driver url]
(.to (.navigate driver) url)
(defn refresh
"Refresh the current page"
(.refresh (.navigate driver))
;; ## TargetLocator Interface (Windows, Frames)
(load "core_window")
;; ## Option Interface
(load "core_cookie")
;; ## By* Functions
(load "core_by")
;; ## WebElement
(declare execute-script)
(defn- browserbot
[driver fn-name & arguments]
(let [script (str browserbot-js/script
"return browserbot."
".apply(browserbot, arguments)")
execute-js-fn (partial execute-script driver script)]
(apply execute-js-fn arguments)))
(defn click
"Click a particular HTML element"
(.click element))
(defn submit
"Submit the form which contains the given element object"
(.submit element))
(defn value
"Retrieve the `value` attribute of the given element object"
(.getAttribute element "value"))
(defn clear
"Clear the contents of the given element object"
(.clear element)
(defn tag-name
"Retrieve the name of the HTML tag of the given element object"
(.getTagName element))
(defn attribute
"Retrieve the value of the attribute of the given element object"
[element attr]
(.getAttribute element (name attr)))
(defn selected?
"Returns true if the given element object is selected"
(.isSelected element))
(defn select
"Select a given element object"
(.setSelected element)
(defn toggle
"If the given element object is a checkbox, this will toggle its selected/unselected state. In Selenium 2, `.toggle()` was deprecated and replaced in usage by `.click()`."
(.click element)
(defn deselect
"Deselect a given element object"
(if (.isSelected element)
(toggle element)
(defn enabled?
"Returns true if the given element object is enabled"
(.isEnabled element))
(defmacro exists?
`(try ~find-it-form
(catch org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException e#
(defn visible?
"Returns true if the given element object is visible/displayed"
(.isDisplayed element))
(def displayed? ^{:doc "Returns true if the given element object is visible/displayed"} visible?)
(defn present?
"Returns true if element exists and is visible"
(and element (visible? element)))
(defn flash
"Flash the element in question, to verify you're looking at the correct element"
(let [original-color (if (.getValueOfCssProperty element "background-color")
(.getValueOfCssProperty element "background-color")
orig-colors (repeat original-color)
change-colors (interleave (repeat "red") (repeat "blue"))]
(doseq [flash-color (take 12 (interleave change-colors orig-colors))]
(execute-script (.getWrappedDriver element)
(str "arguments[0].style.backgroundColor = '"
flash-color "'")
(Thread/sleep 80)))
(defn text
"Retrieve the content, or inner HTML, of a given element object"
(.getText element))
(defn html
"Retrieve the HTML of an element"
(browserbot (.getWrappedDriver element) "getOuterHTML" element))
(defn xpath
"Retrieve the XPath of an element"
(browserbot (.getWrappedDriver element) "getXPath" element []))
(defn focus
"Apply focus to the given element"
(.getWrappedDriver element) "return arguments[0].focus()" element))
(defn send-keys
"Type the string of keys into the element object"
[element s]
(.sendKeys element (into-array CharSequence (list s)))
(def input-text send-keys)
(defn location
"Given an element object, return its location as a map of its x/y coordinates"
(let [loc (.getLocation element)
x (.x loc)
y (.y loc)]
{:x x, :y y}))
(defn location-once-visible
"Given an element object, return its location on the screen once it is scrolled into view as a map of its x/y coordinates. The window will scroll as much as possible until the element hits the top of the page; thus even visible elements will be scrolled until they reach that point."
(let [loc (.getLocationOnScreenOnceScrolledIntoView element)
x (.x loc)
y (.y loc)]
{:x x, :y y}))
(defn drag-and-drop-by
"Drag an element by `x` pixels to the right and `y` pixels down. Use negative numbers for opposite directions."
[element ^Integer x ^Integer y]
(.dragAndDropBy element x y)
(defn drag-and-drop-on
"Drag `element-a` onto `element-b`. The (0,0) coordinates (top-left corners) of each element are aligned."
[element-a element-b]
(.dragAndDropOn element-a element-b)
(defn execute-script
[driver js & js-args]
(.executeScript driver js (to-array js-args)))
;; ## class
(load "core_select")
;; ## Element-finding Utilities
;; Helper functions kept in separate file yet in same namespace
;; because of interdependence on `find-them` function
(load "core_find")
(defn find-them*
"Given a browser `driver`, find the browser elements that match the query"
([driver attr-val]
(= attr-val :button*) (find-them driver :button* nil)
(keyword? attr-val) (find-elements
(by-tag-name (name attr-val))) ; supplied just :tag
(vector? attr-val) (cond
(some #{:row :col} attr-val) (find-table-cells driver attr-val)
(query-with-ancestry-has-regex? attr-val) (if (query-with-ancestry-has-regex? (drop-last 2 attr-val))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
(str "You may not pass in a regex until "
"the last attribute-value pair")))
(find-elements driver (by-xpath (str (build-xpath-with-ancestry attr-val) "//*")))
(last attr-val)))
:else (find-elements driver (by-xpath (build-xpath-with-ancestry attr-val)))) ; supplied vector of queries in hierarchy
(map? attr-val) (find-them driver :* attr-val))) ; no :tag specified, use global *
([driver tag attr-val]
(when (keyword? driver) ; I keep forgetting to pass in the WebDriver instance while testing
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
(str "The first parameter to find-them must be an instance of WebDriver."))))
(and (> (count attr-val) 1)
(contains? attr-val :xpath)) (find-them driver :* {:xpath (:xpath attr-val)})
(and (> (count attr-val) 1)
(contains? attr-val :css)) (find-them driver :* {:css (:css attr-val)})
(contains? attr-val :tag-name) (find-them driver
(-> (:tag-name attr-val)
(dissoc attr-val :tag-name))
(contains? attr-val :index) (find-elements driver (by-xpath (build-xpath tag attr-val)))
(= tag :radio) (find-them driver :input (assoc attr-val :type "radio"))
(= tag :checkbox) (find-them driver :input (assoc attr-val :type "checkbox"))
(= tag :textfield) (find-them driver :input (assoc attr-val :type "text"))
(= tag :password) (find-them driver :input (assoc attr-val :type "password"))
(= tag :filefield) (find-them driver :input (assoc attr-val :type "file"))
(and (= tag :input)
(contains? attr-val :type)
(or (= "radio" (:type attr-val))
(= "checkbox" (:type attr-val)))
(or (contains? attr-val :text)
(contains? attr-val :label))) (find-checkables-by-text driver attr-val)
(= tag :window) (find-window-handles driver attr-val)
(= tag :button*) (if (contains-regex? attr-val)
(find-semantic-buttons-by-regex driver attr-val)
(find-semantic-buttons driver attr-val))
(= 1 (count attr-val)) (let [entry (first attr-val)
attr (key entry)
value (val entry)]
(= :xpath attr) (find-elements driver (by-xpath value))
(= :css attr) (find-elements driver (by-css-selector value))
(= java.util.regex.Pattern (class value)) (find-elements-by-regex-alone driver tag attr-val)
:else (find-elements driver (by-attr= tag attr value))))
(contains-regex? attr-val) (find-elements-by-regex driver tag attr-val)
:else (find-elements driver (by-xpath (build-xpath tag attr-val))))))
(defn find-them
"Call find-them*, then make sure elements are actually returned; if not, throw NoSuchElementException so other code can handle exceptions appropriately"
([driver attr-val]
(let [elts (find-them* driver attr-val)]
(if-not (seq elts)
(throw (NoSuchElementException.
(str "No element with attributes "
attr-val " "
"could be found on the page:\n"
(page-source driver))))
([driver tag attr-val]
(let [elts (find-them* driver tag attr-val)]
(if-not (seq elts)
(throw (NoSuchElementException.
(str "No element with tag "
tag " and attributes "
attr-val " "
"could be found on the page:\n"
(page-source driver))))
(defn find-it
"Call (first (find-them args))"
([driver attr-val]
(first (find-them driver attr-val)))
([driver tag attr-val]
(first (find-them driver tag attr-val))))
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