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;; DesiredCapabilities support
(ns clj-webdriver.capabilities)
(defprotocol IDesiredCapabilities
"Way to interact with DesiredCapabilities settings"
(browser-name [driver] "Get browser name of remote `driver`")
(browser-name! [driver new-name] "Set browser name of remote `driver`")
(capability [driver cap-name] "Get capability by name as String of remote `driver`")
(capability! [driver cap-name cap-value] "Given a `k` key and `v` value compatible with any of the arities of `setCapability()`, set the value of the given capability for the given remote `driver`")
(platform [driver] "Get platform of remote `driver`")
(platform! [driver platform-name] "Given the name of a platform as either a keyword or string (case-insensitive), set the platform of the remote `driver` accordingly")
(version [driver] "Get version of remote `driver`")
(version! [driver version-string] "Set the version of the remote `driver`"))
(defrecord Capabilities []
(browser-name [caps]
(.getBrowserName caps))
(browser-name! [caps new-name]
(.setBrowserName caps new-name))
(capability [caps cap-name]
(.getCapability caps (name cap-name)))
(capability! [caps cap-name cap-value]
(.setCapability caps cap-name cap-value))
(platform [caps]
(.getPlatform caps))
(platform! [caps platform-name]
(.setPlatform caps platform-name))
(version [caps]
(.getVersion caps))
(version! [caps new-version]
(.setVersion caps new-version)))
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