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(ns clj-webdriver.driver
(:require [clojure.core.cache :as cache])
(:import org.openqa.selenium.interactions.Actions))
(defrecord Driver [webdriver cache-spec actions])
(defn- init-cache
"Initialize cache based on given strategy"
(when (and (map? cache-spec)
(not (empty? cache-spec)))
(let [strategy-legend {:basic cache/basic-cache-factory,
:fifo cache/fifo-cache-factory,
:lru cache/lru-cache-factory,
:lirs cache/lirs-cache-factory,
:ttl cache/ttl-cache-factory,
:lu cache/lu-cache-factory}]
(atom (apply
(get strategy-legend (:strategy cache-spec))
(:args cache-spec)))))))
(defn init-driver
"Constructor for Driver records. Accepts a `driver-spec` map with the following keys:
webdriver - WebDriver instance
cache-spec - map with keys :strategy, :args, :include and :exclude, used to setup caching rules"
([] (Driver. nil nil nil))
(let [{:keys [webdriver cache-spec]} driver-spec]
(Driver. webdriver
(assoc cache-spec :cache (init-cache cache-spec))
(Actions. webdriver)))))
(defn driver?
"Function to check class of a Driver, to prevent needing to import it"
(= (class driver) Driver))
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