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Add note to README about checksum failures with lein2

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This is a Clojure library for driving a web browser using Selenium-WebDriver as the backend. For more comprehensive documentation on all of clj-webdriver's features, read the [Github wiki]( You can generate documentation locally with `lein doc` (API docs) or `lein marg` (annotated source).
+**NOTE TO LEININGEN 2 USERS:** At least as of Leiningen 2 preview 6, the default behavior for retrieving dependencies that fail a checksum test is *not to download them.* This affect's at least one of Selenium-WebDriver's transitive dependencies, which means you can't download clj-webdriver's dependencies with default Leiningen 2 settings. In order to solve this issue, you need to set the `:checksum` option for either your entire `project.clj` or for a specific Maven `:repositories` entry that contains Selenium-WebDriver's dependencies (e.g., Maven central). See [Leiningen's]( repository README and example `sample.project.clj` file for more information.

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