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Map already returns a lazy seq, remove redundancy

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1 parent 4ee4932 commit 40f72b2d1ce9c0d0739f049f7c7a27cf24498ef4 @semperos committed Feb 10, 2013
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  1. +3 −3 src/clj_webdriver/core_element.clj
@@ -243,15 +243,15 @@
(by-query (build-query by :local))
(init-element (.findElement (:webelement element) by))))
(find-elements-by [element by]
(let [by (if (map? by)
(by-query (build-query by :local))
els (.findElements (:webelement element) by)]
(if (seq els)
- (lazy-seq (map init-element els))
- (lazy-seq (map init-element [nil])))))
+ (map init-element els)
+ (map init-element [nil]))))
(find-element [element by]
(find-element-by element by))

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