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Heavily comment the private window-switcher macro

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1 parent 213f909 commit 1e4c64806f7728c2ef848c2395933f7834b98d58 @semperos committed Oct 2, 2012
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  1. +12 −0 src/clj_webdriver/window.clj
@@ -67,15 +67,27 @@
orig-window-handle# (.getWindowHandle webdriver#)
target-window-handle# (:handle ~window)
target-current?# (= orig-window-handle# target-window-handle#)]
+ ;; If we're already trying to manipulate the currently active window,
+ ;; immediately call the implementation of the IWindow function with the driver
(if target-current?#
(let [return# (~a-fn driver# ~@a-fn-args)]
+ ;; Functions in IWindow that have no logical return value need to return
+ ;; the thing being acted on. Since we proxy to the `Driver` implementation
+ ;; of each function in the `Window` implementations, we have to check
+ ;; for a `Driver` return value and return `Window` instead.
(if (driver/driver? return#)
+ ;; We're trying to work with a window other than the active one; make
+ ;; our target window the active one first.
(.switchTo (.window webdriver#) target-window-handle#)
+ ;; Then perform the desired action.
(let [return# (~a-fn driver# ~@a-fn-args)]
+ ;; Switch back to the original active window.
(.switchTo (.window webdriver#) orig-window-handle#)
+ ;; Make sure `Window` is returned for appropriate functions
+ ;; (see above comment)
(if (driver/driver? return#)

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