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Fixed switch-to-frame to use the native (java) frame object instead of the clojure wrapper #56

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Sergey Didenko Daniel Gregoire
Sergey Didenko

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Daniel Gregoire

Not sure what :webframe is referring to there. Could you explain what you're trying to accomplish in more detail?

Sergey Didenko

I use switch-to-frame in my code and it does not work without this patch.

The reason is that RemoteWebDriver.RemoteTargetLocator expects WebElement (see

The frame parameter passed into switch-to-frame is a clojure map that has WebElement in the :webframe key.

Sergey Didenko

I use it in the following way: "(switch-to-frame {:tag :frame :name "main"})". Is it wrong?

The documentation gives the following example of usage: "(switch-to-frame "#target-frame")"

Sergey Didenko

May be the better way would be to implement it like switch-to-window. By changing to not wrap the frame-q into Element and clj-webdriver.core to contain cond.

Daniel Gregoire

Sorry I've taken so long to get into this, I don't often touch the frame-handling code.

I've fixed frame handling in the master branch for both the Core and Taxi API's, I suggest you look there for conformant code until I cut the next release (should be very soon).

I'm closing this out, but am still confused by your usage of :webframe, as that doesn't exist anywhere in the clj-webdriver API.

Daniel Gregoire semperos closed this
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Commits on May 30, 2012
  1. Sergey Didenko
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  1. +1 −1  src/clj_webdriver/core_driver.clj
2  src/clj_webdriver/core_driver.clj
@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
(doall (window-handles driver))))
(switch-to-frame [driver frame]
- (.frame (.switchTo (:webdriver driver)) frame)
+ (.frame (.switchTo (:webdriver driver)) (:webframe frame))
(switch-to-window [driver handle]
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