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Remote DesiredCapabilites #69

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Added functionality for the browser spec passed to new-remote-session function in the remote namespace to accept a key (:capabilities) that can take a DesiredCapabilities instance and pass it to the RemoteWebDriver. If you don't provide this key, new-remote-session will use previous mechanism for creating a RemoteWebDriver.

Included a simple test as well.

Nathan Smith added some commits
@smidas smidas closed this
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Commits on Aug 25, 2012
  1. Added specified remote capabilites testing

    Nathan Smith authored
  2. Browser spec can now contain :capabilities key handling custom capabi…

    Nathan Smith authored
    …lities passed to the RemoteWebDriver constructor.
  3. Added let block to address function to reduce the need to call get-in…

    Nathan Smith authored
    … on remote-server.
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40 src/clj_webdriver/remote/server.clj
@@ -47,32 +47,38 @@
(start remote-server))))
(address [remote-server]
- (str "http://"
- (get-in remote-server [:connection-params :host])
- ":"
- (get-in remote-server [:connection-params :port])
- (apply str (drop-last (get-in remote-server [:connection-params :path-spec])))
- (when (get-in remote-server [:connection-params :existing])
- "hub")))
+ (let [{:keys [host port path-spec existing]} (:connection-params remote-server)]
+ (str "http://"
+ host
+ ":"
+ port
+ (apply str (drop-last path-spec))
+ (when existing
+ "hub"))))
[remote-server browser-spec]
(let [wd-url (address remote-server)
- {:keys [browser profile] :or {browser :firefox
- profile nil}} browser-spec]
- (if-not profile
- (RemoteWebDriver. (HttpCommandExecutor. (as-url wd-url))
- (call-method DesiredCapabilities browser nil nil))
- (throw (IllegalArgumentException. "RemoteWebDriver instances do not support custom profiles.")))))
+ {:keys [browser profile capabilities] :or {browser :firefox
+ profile nil
+ capabilities nil}} browser-spec]
+ (cond
+ profile (throw (IllegalArgumentException. "RemoteWebDriver instances do not support custom profiles."))
+ capabilities (RemoteWebDriver. (HttpCommandExecutor. (as-url wd-url))
+ capabilities)
+ :else (RemoteWebDriver. (HttpCommandExecutor. (as-url wd-url))
+ (call-method DesiredCapabilities browser nil nil)))))
[remote-server browser-spec]
- (let [{:keys [browser profile cache-spec] :or {browser :firefox
- profile nil
- cache-spec {}}} browser-spec]
+ (let [{:keys [browser profile capabilities cache-spec] :or {browser :firefox
+ profile nil
+ capabilities nil
+ cache-spec {}}} browser-spec]
(init-driver {:webdriver (new-remote-webdriver* remote-server
{:browser browser
- :profile profile})
+ :profile profile
+ :capabilities capabilities})
:cache-spec cache-spec})))
17 test/clj_webdriver/test/remote_existing.clj
@@ -7,7 +7,9 @@
[clj-webdriver.test.common :only [run-common-tests]]
[clj-webdriver.remote.server :only [new-remote-session stop]])
- [clj-webdriver.remote.driver :as rd]))
+ [clj-webdriver.remote.driver :as rd])
+ (:import
+ [org.openqa.selenium.remote.DesiredCapabilities]))
;; Utilities
(defn hub-host
@@ -27,6 +29,16 @@
(def server this-server)
(def driver this-driver))
+;; Testing with specified DesiredCapabilities
+(let [capabilities (DesiredCapabilities/firefox)
+ [this-server this-driver] (new-remote-session {:port (hub-port)
+ :host (hub-host)
+ :existing true}
+ {:browser :firefox
+ :capabilities capabilities})]
+ (def cap-server this-server)
+ (def cap-driver this-driver))
;; Fixtures
(defn reset-browser-fixture
@@ -43,4 +55,5 @@
(deftest test-suite-with-remote-driver-attached-to-manually-started
- (run-common-tests driver))
+ (run-common-tests driver)
+ (run-common-tests cap-driver))
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