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A .emacs.d and .emacs for Clojure and Web Development

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I now maintain my Emacs config in another repo. This repo will not see any further development.

Emacs Config

This is my personal Emacs 24 configuration. It handles different operating systems, as well as windowed and terminal environments.

Installation Notes

Make sure you initialize and update submodules. Then, you'll need to check on the following:

  • In gnu-config, the default shell is /usr/local/bin/zsh, which gets started by ansi-term automatically at startup
  • To use ansi-term with ZShell on a Mac, make sure you run tic -o ~/.terminfo /Applications/ to get rid of weird characters
  • AucTex support is enabled by default, depending on my mood. Make sure you have it installed, or disable it by default.
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