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v0.1.8 Add default handling for parsing; no keyword given, defaults to "id." Add more generic keywords for form handling.
v0.1.7 Add keywords for verification of presence/absence of forms on a page.
v0.1.6 Disable native events by default to fix bug with click().
v0.1.5 Add keywrods to Element for sending keys (typing) into any element.
v0.1.4 Add keywords to TextField module.
v0.1.3. Include the new Area module which was coded in a previous version, but omitted from the KeywordLib class.
v0.1.2. Fix improper use of custom exceptions and exception strings for negative tests.
v0.1.1. Add support for using Regular Expressions in keyword arguments. Convert string versions of regexes passed back from Robot Framework into actual Ruby regexes which Watir-WebDriver will accept.
v0.1.0. Initial gem package for Watir Robot. Includes healthy base of Robot Framework keywords for driving the browser, taking a screenshot and using the mouse natively.