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Update Notice: Please Update to version v1.1.11.

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GeniXCMS is a PHP Based Content Management System and Framework (CMSF). It's a simple and lightweight of CMSF. Very suitable for Intermediate PHP developer to Advanced Developer. Some manual configurations are needed to make this application to work.

Why GeniXCMS

This CMSF is a starter point to build your own online applications. With already build User manager, Content manager (Post, Pages), Menu manager, etc made you easy to add your own code and build your own custom web applications.


GeniXCMS is using some of FOSS (free and opensource software) like :

  • Twitter Bootstrap,
  • Summernote Text Editor,
  • JQuery,
  • PHP,
  • MySQL,
  • AdminLTE,
  • elFinder File Manager
  • etc.


  • Webserver - Apache/Nginx
  • PHP >=7.2.5
    • PHP-GD
    • PHP-cURL
    • PHP-OpenSSL
    • PHP-imagick
  • MySQL 4


  • Nginx Server - for webserver
  • MariaDB Server - for database
  • PngQuant - for image compression


GeniXCMS can be installed on Custom Server like VPS/Dedicated Server or on Shared Hosting.

Manual Upload

Upload all files to your site.

Set this directory permission to 777 (writable) :

  • inc/config
  • inc/themes
  • inc/mods
  • assets/images
  • assets/images/uploads
  • assets/images/uploads/thumbs
  • assets/cache
  • assets/cache/thumbs
  • assets/cache/pages

After upload is done. Open your site at the browser. eg:

The installation wizard will appear, just follow all the instructions.

Using Composer

We are now ready for composer installation. Run this command at your server.

php composer.phar create-project genix/cms

more detail about composer, please read the documentation at

more details of installation :


  • Upload all files, except inc/config/config.php.
  • edit your site's config.php,
  • add this new configuration if not exist
define('SITE_ID', 'type-random-chars');
define('ADMIN_DIR', 'gxadmin');
define('USE_MEMCACHED', false);
  • rename SECURITY become SECURITY_KEY

  • Run at your browser

  • Choose the previous version of your GeniXCMS version.

  • Don't forget to create Cache directory if want to use Cache System


Showcase URL :


GeniXCMS License : MIT License

FOSSA Status


Link :


Contact us for Donation.


Developed by : Puguh Wijayanto -

Suported By