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OM2M plugins for automatic device detection in Bluetooth, BLE and Z-Wave networks.

This project contains 3 plugins for OM2M platform:

  • plugin for detecting Bluetooth devices (,
  • plugin for detecting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices (org.eclipse.om2m.binding.ble) and
  • plugin for detecting Z-Wave nodes (org.eclipse.om2m.binding.zwave) + configuration files (ozw_config).


These plugins are maven modules which can be included in OM2M version 1.0.0 (clone Installation of a plugin is described here You have to:

  • Add the plugin as a maven module to the OM2M parent project
  • Add the plugin to the OM2M product(s).

Dependencies are already added.


Bluetooth plugin implementation uses Java library for Bluetooth - Bluecove ( It supports connecting to devices via btspp (RFCOMM) connections.

If BT plugin doesn't work and says library can't be found, it may be missing a file This file has to be in your PATH so create a symbolic link to it in a folder which is in your PATH.

Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE

BLE plugin implementation uses Linux's bluez tools: gatttool and hcitool. hcitool is used for scanning nearby devices and gatttool is used for reading and writing data.

Before you build this plugin, you have to check if the correct HCI interface is specified (you can check it with command hcitool dev). Definition can be found in class org.eclipse.om2m.binding.ble.ReadGatt (currently is set to hci1).


Z-Wave plugin implementation uses a zwave4j library ( which is a Java wrapper for OpenZwave library (,

Before you build this plugin, you have to correct the path to your configuration files (included ozw_config folder) and your Z-Wave controller serial port in file org.eclipse.om2m.binding.zwave.ZWaveMain.


  • If you want to use Bluetooth plugin, you have to use 32-bit Java, because Bluecove doesn't support 64-bit.
  • If you want to use BLE plugin, you have to run it in Linux operating system.
  • If you want to use Z-Wave plugin, please check if your controller (and other nodes) is supported by OpenZwave library.


OM2M plugins for automatic device detection in Bluetooth, BLE and Z-Wave networks.



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