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SPARQL parsing doesn't support SPARQL 1.1 #57

alangrafu opened this Issue Sep 17, 2013 · 2 comments

3 participants


Currently there is only support for SPARQL 1.0, will be there any plans on supporting SPARQL 1.1?

bnowack commented Sep 17, 2013

No plans for sparql 1.1, I'm afraid. That would need a non-trivial amount of time and funds.

ckristo commented Apr 1, 2015

SPARQL 1.1 "support" would be quite nice for remote endpoints at least. As I've seen, the remote store also parses the query. Is there a reason / necessity for that? As far as I understood, the complete query is forwarded to the remote endpoint anyway... Couldn't we just "bypass" the SPARQL parser here, and check the response of the remote SPARQL endpoint for parsing errors?

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