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@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ header#overview
h1 Just Node.js
- small Acces Arduino components without HTML5 interface
+ small Access Arduino components without HTML5 interface
p The wiring above can be used to test the included HTML web interface and the Node.js access as well. Connect your Arduino to you computer and start catching events happening on your Arduino with JavaScript. For sure you can easily fire events on your Arduino too!
@@ -78,4 +78,4 @@ header#overview
| $ > cd examples/
| $ > node test.walkLED.js
p After starting <code>test.walkLED.js</code> you are able to push the buttons in your wiring and see the LEDs blinking as you commanded. Use the analog input for changing walking speed. Binding events work as you might know from using Mootools, use <code>AnalogInput.on()</code>, <code>LED.on()</code> and <code>Button.on()</code> to bind custom functions to events like <em>on</em>, <em>off</em>, <em>change</em>, <em>push</em> or <em>release</em>. Not all functions are documented or even demonstrated with an example application, for getting used to noduino make sure to have a look at <code>test.blinkLED.js</code> and <code>test.readAnalogIn.js</code>.

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