Which Perl subroutine I am now, again?
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A Sublime-Text Plugin - Perl functions listing

This plugin helps you immediately know where in the Perl file you are

If adds to the status line a small "[PerlSubs: ]" mark, so you know in which function you are now.

Also, upon pressing ctrl+alt+l, it opens a list of functions, and clicking on one will jump to it.


Drop it to your Sublime Text Plugin directory. on my computer (OSX) it is: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/PerlSubs

Supported ST versions

This plugin was tested with ST2 and 3.


Move the function name from the down-left corner to the down-right corner (where the important things are)

In the list of functions, make the package names stand out

Delayed scanning: do not scan the file immidiately on loading, nor on every change. scan it after the loading, and two seconds after the last change


If the marker is below a function, but not in other function, the plugin will think that you are inside that function. Not big deal, for me.

License and Copyright

License: Perl Artistic 2 Copyright: Shmuel Fomberg, 2012