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Movable Type Plugin - Multi Languages Sites Helper
This plugin can help you write miltiple-variant sites, such as multiple-languages sites.
Each blog / website should be added to a group.
(Under Tools -> Plugins menu, in this plugin's settings)
After it is in a group with other blogs / website, each entry / page has its own mini-group, together with the crossponding entries / pages in the other blogs.
Under the Entries menu, there is a sub-menu called 'Updates', where all the entries / pages in this blog that need updating will show up, and will also specify the status of all the crossponding entries.
In the updates screen you can see which entry needs updating, see diffs of updates, create new entries for entries that were added in other blogs, or clone these entries.
In the entry edit page, there is a widget that let you specify if this entry is up-to-date, (actually, it is match-to, as you are updateding to be the same version as other variant of the page) or is this a new version. (then all other versions are marked as outdated and needed to be updated)
Note: Only a Page / Entry that is up-to-date can be set to a new version
This plugin supports translation chaining: Say we have a page in Japanese written by A, that B translated to English.
Suppose A updated the Japanese page. now C (that knows only English and Hebrew) can translate the (outdated) English page to Hebrew. This translating will be marked as outdated, and C will be able to see if B updated the English translating or not, and wait until he does.
Standard MT plugin install
Should work with MT5.12 and up
NOTE: I'm not going to implement any of the TODOs without someone telling me that he is going to use this plugin. thanks.
Adding a template tag that cross-link various entry translations
The diff screen was taken from a different project - could use refresh and adding some useful links
The widget in the edit screen could use some improvement
Artistic 2
Written By Shmuel Fomberg, 2012.