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What's inside

Fable minimal templates with the most recent versions of npm and dotnet libraries. Each template contains with instructions, but usually it's just a simple npm install && npm start.

How to use

  • install templates
dotnet new -i Semuserable.Fable.Templates::*
  • use templates
dotnet new fable-empty
dotnet new fable-react
dotnet new fable-react-elmish
  • uninstall templates
dotnet new -u Semuserable.Fable.Templates

How to upgrade

  • uninstall existing templates
dotnet new -u Semuserable.Fable.Templates
  • install new templates
dotnet new -i Semuserable.Fable.Templates::*

How to create

All templates are located in templates folder. Create new folder and put new template there. Use the existing ones as an example.

  • edit templatepack.csproj to change package details
  • create a package
dotnet pack
  • new package will be in bin/debug folder (ex. Semuserable.Fable.Templates.1.0.0.nupkg)