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Semantic Versioning spec and website
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This is the site at that describes the Semantic Versioning specification.

Adding a translation

  1. Create a new folder in lang/ with the appropriate language tag
  2. Add a translated to that folder
  3. Add a translated spec/ for the latest spec to that folder
  4. Ensure all files have the appropriate title and language front matter (see others as an example)
  5. Add the language to the _config.yml file

Running locally

  1. Install Ruby and Bundler.
  2. Install Jekyll and other dependencies from the gem:
    bundle install
  3. Run the site locally:
    bundle exec jekyll serve
  4. Open http://localhost:4000.

Running locally with docker-compose

If you have docker-compose installed:

  1. Build Docker image and start container instance:
    docker-compose up
  2. Open http://localhost:4000.
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