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RVL Tooling

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Overview on the modules stored in the RVL GitHub repository:

Vocabulary and generated API

  • rvl-vocabulary (REQUIRED)
    • The RDFS/OWL Visualisation Language (RVL) itself as an RDFS/OWL ontology
    • The RVL-schema in SPIN for constraint checking
  • rvl-codegen (REQUIRED)
    • Code generator for creating RVL Java POJOs as wrappers for the RVL (RDFS/OWL classes)
  • rvl-gen-api (REQUIRED)


The main maven parent project rvl-tooling contains the following modules:

  • rvl-commons (REQUIRED)
    • Utils for handling and quering the various RDF graphs
  • rvl-interpreter (REQUIRED)
    • Java interpreter for RVL
  • rvl-d3vis (REQUIRED)
    • Generator for transforming the Abstract Visual Model (AVM) to D3.js-conform JSON
    • Examples and tests for the basic RVL features
  • rvl-example
    • Additional example files (data and mappings) based on real-life ontologies
  • rvl-server (Experimental)
    • Allows for sending RDFS/OWL data + RVL mappings and retrieve JSON data for D3.
    • HTTP API


  • rvl-tutorial (OUTDATED)
    • A tutorial on RVL (! not using the latest version of the tooling)

Additionally, you need to have VISO from installed to your maven repository.

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