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How to write an RDF2GO adapter for your triple store

First you need to decide if you want to implement only a triple store adapter or a quad store adapter.

A triple store in RDF2Go is a Model (s,p,o), a quad store is a ModelSet (c,s,p,o).

  • c - context URI
  • s - subject URI or blank node
  • p - property URI
  • o - object URI, blank node or literal

A ModelSet always has the ability to be used as a set of named models (c -> s, p, o).

Walk-through of Sesame 2.3.1 Implementation

You need to extend AbstractModel and implement the abstract methods.

Second, you need a StaticBinding (see source) to register your implementation. This allows the RDF2Go class to create models based on your adapter.

The RepositoryModel (see source) of the Sesame/OpenRDF 2.3.1 adapter is less than 900 lines long and in production use.