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Smart IDE for OpenSCAD

The current version has the basic functionalities. You can edit the source code with many common functions like copy and paste, undo/redo, save as, etc.

The most input in this first version is that you can edit the source code and without doing anything the drawing is taking place in the OpenSCAD window.

Another interesting input is that you can export the file to some formats, like PNG, STL or DXF.

Another good thing of this IDE is that when you are in the editor and have some doubt about some keyword, you can simply write it in the editor, and with the cursor over it, it's not necessary to have it selected, you can press F1 key and a web page with the help about this keyword in the Official Reference Manual will appear.

The next desirable things to add the application are the options of export the files previous modifications of something like the camera position, image size, or colour scheme.

This part is not accomplished yet because in the current version of OpenSCAD these parameters are not working for Windows version.

Another thing we want for the application in next version is a compilation for Mac OS X and another for Linux.

Download Installer Here

senCilleSCAD running on Windows.

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