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@xispa xispa released this 30 Oct 12:38
· 132 commits to master since this release

Release notes

Update from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2

If you have your own add-on, please review the changes to check beforehand
if some parts of your add-on require modifications. Worth to mention that the
following tips are strongly recommended before proceeding with the upgrade:

  • Do a zeopack
  • Do a backup of both your code and database
  • Try to have as much analyses in verified/published statuses as possible
  • Stop unnecessary applications and services that may consume RAM
  • Start with a clean log file


1.3.2 (2019-10-30)


  • #1463 Structure Export/Import Handlers for Generic Setup
  • #1462 Allow to extend the behavior of fields from AddSample view with adapters
  • #1455 Added support for adapters in guard handler
  • #1436 Setting in setup for auto-reception of samples upon creation
  • #1433 Added Submitter column in Sample's analyses listing
  • #1441 Added Auto ID Behavior for Dexterity Contents
  • #1422 Notify user with failing addresses when emailing of results reports
  • #1420 Allow to detach a partition from its primary sample
  • #1410 Email API


  • #1451 Render Analysis Remarks in Listings as HTML
  • #1445 Allow formatted HTML in the other rejection reasons
  • #1428 Publish verified partitions
  • #1429 Add2: Do not set template values on already filled fields
  • #1427 Improved performance of Sample header table rendering
  • #1417 Cache allowed transitions for analyses on the request
  • #1413 Improved Email Publication


  • #1449 Removed InheritedObjects (Inherited from) field from Batch
  • #1430 Removed Identifier Types


  • #1462 Autofill Client Contact in Sample Add form when current user is a client
  • #1461 Allow unassign transition for cancelled/rejected/retracted analyses
  • #1449 sort_limit was not considered in ReferenceWidget searches
  • #1449 Fix Clients were unable to add batches
  • #1453 Fix initial IDs not starting with 1
  • #1454 Fix occasional error when labeling samples w/o report as printed
  • #1452 Fix missing error percentage calculation for reference samples
  • #1447 New Client contact has access to last client's Sample only
  • #1446 Parameter group in contact._addUserToGroup was not considered
  • #1444 Fixed Worksheet autofill of wide Iterims
  • #1443 Fix non-saving checkbox values for manual Interims in Analysis Services
  • #1439 Fix global Auditlog when Analyses/Attachments were removed
  • #1426 Render HTML Texts in Info Popups correctly
  • #1423 Use the value set for ui_item property when displaying ReferenceWidget
  • #1425 Fix adapter priority for widget visibility
  • #1421 Fix Search Query for Batches Listing
  • #1418 Subscriber adapters not supported in clients listing
  • #1419 Mixed permissions for transitions in client workflow
  • #1414 Occasional "OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files" in frontpage

Diff stats

Delta between v1.3.1 and v1.3.2

  • 49 commits
  • 3 contributors
  • 229 files changed, 22,300 additions and 15,809 deletions