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FFGLLightBrush is a video effect that enables light painting - bright spots will stay on the screen. The plugin has been tested in Resolume Avenue, but should work in other FFGL hosts as well. The effect offers three parameters, two sliders and a button:

  • threshold slider adjusts the threshold luminance - higher values will "burn" on the screen
  • darkening slider adjusts how much the shadows will be darkened
  • clear button clears the currently "burned" contents

Building and Installing

A project file is included for Visual Studio Express 2013, which is a free development environment for Windows. The plugin requires a recent version of GLEW library (http://glew.sourceforge.net/). Consequently the installation is not necessarily straightforward.

  1. The GLEW include directory should be added to the compiler options (Property Pages > Configuration Properties > C/C++ > General > Additional Include Directories). Currently the project is configured to look from C:\Development\glew-1.12.0\include.
  2. After compilation, FFGLLightBrush.dll (from Debug directory) should be placed in the plugin directory of the host application. In Resolume Avenua you can configure plugin directories from Avenue > Preferences > Video.
  3. glew32.dll (from bin\Release\Win32) may need to be copied in the same directory with the host application. If there already is a glew32.dll, but the plugin doesn't work, chances are that the you need to replace it with the newer version. Rename the original DLL e.g. glew32.dll.original, and copy the new DLL there.


Seppo Enarvi