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The Sentinel-1 Toolbox
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s1tbx-io update tests Nov 9, 2019
s1tbx-kit 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-analysis-ui 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-calibration-ui 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-calibration minor performance update Oct 15, 2019
s1tbx-op-feature-extraction-ui 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-feature-extraction update decision tree test Nov 5, 2019
s1tbx-op-insar-ui 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-insar remove old test Nov 4, 2019
s1tbx-op-ocean-ui 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-sar-processing-ui lazy load crs Sep 22, 2019
s1tbx-op-sar-processing [ESM-133] Fixed getPixelValue to speed up processing Sep 25, 2019
s1tbx-op-sentinel1-ui Updated Aug 14, 2019
s1tbx-op-sentinel1 [ESM-132] Fixed a bug in createTargetProduct Sep 19, 2019
s1tbx-op-utilities-ui 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-op-utilities 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
s1tbx-rcp 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT Jul 23, 2019
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The SENTINEL-1 Toolbox

Build Status Coverity Scan Status

Building S1TBX from the source

  1. Download and install the required build tools

    • Install J2SE 1.8 JDK and set JAVA_HOME accordingly.
    • Install Maven and set MAVEN_HOME accordingly.
    • Install git
  2. Add $JAVA_HOME/bin and $MAVEN_HOME/bin to your PATH.

  3. Clone the S1TBX source code and related repositories into SNAP/

    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
  4. CD into SNAP/snap-engine:

    mvn clean install

  5. CD into SNAP/snap-desktop:

    mvn clean install

  6. CD into SNAP/s1tbx:

    mvn clean install

  7. If unit tests are failing, you can use the following to skip the tests

    mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Setting up IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Create an empty project with the SNAP/ directory as project directory

  2. Import the pom.xml files of snap-engine, snap-desktop and s1tbx as modules. Ensure not to enable the option 'Create module groups for multi-module Maven projects'. Everything can be default values.

  3. Set the used SDK for the main project. A JDK 1.8 or later is needed.

  4. Use the following configuration to run SNAP in the IDE:

    • Main class: org.esa.snap.nbexec.Launcher

    • VM parameters: -Dsun.awt.nopixfmt=true -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false All VM parameters are optional

    • Program arguments: --clusters "E:\build\SNAP\s1tbx\s1tbx-kit\target\netbeans_clusters\s1tbx";"E:\build\SNAP\s1tbx\s1tbx-kit\target\netbeans_clusters\rstb" --patches "E:\build\SNAP\snap-engine\$\target\classes";"E:\build\SNAP\s1tbx\$\target\classes";"E:\build\SNAP\s1tbx\rstb\$\target\classes"

    • Working directory: SNAP/snap-desktop/snap-application/target/snap/

    • Use classpath of module: snap-main


Fork it on github ( )
Clone it locally (git clone
Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
Create a new Pull Request on github


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