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Sentinel-2 Toolbox Release Notes

Changes in S2TBX 6.0

Main features

Sentinel-2 Product Reader

Read detector footprint masks per detector

The MSI instrument of Sentinel-2 is composed by different detectors, which have a different viewing geometry. Some masks representing these detector for every band have been included in the reader, in order to identify from which detector is coming every pixel.

Support for ZIP inputs

The Sentinel-2 reader is now able to read the zip products directly. It is no more needed to uncompress the product before working with it in SNAP.

Sentinel-2B products

The new Sentinel-2B products are also supported by the Sentinel-2 reader.

Segmentation processor

The Generic Region Merging Processor allows the segmentation of images of arbitrary size. It is based on the article A Scalable Tile-Based Framework for Region Merging Segmentation written by Pierre Lassale, Jordi Inglada, Julien Michel, Manuel Grizonnet, and Julien Malik.


Multi-size mosaic processor

A new algorithm that will be used when at least one of the input products is multisize, otherwise the original mosaic operator is called. This is fully operational for single granule Sentinel-2 products.

S2 Resampler processor

A new processor that allows to resample Sentinel-2 products having into account the particularities of the angle bands.

OpenJp2 JNA

A new option for using a JNA wrapper for the popular OpenJpeg (OpenJp2) library has been included. To activate it, the user have to create a new properties in the s2tbx property file. It has to be added: use.openjp2.jna=true

Sen2Cor tool adapter

Advanced configuration

Now, it is possible to configure more parameters when running sen2cor from SNAP. Before, the only parameter was the spatial resolution. Currently, the user can choose whether terrain correction should be applied or not, the aerosol type, the ozone, the visibility... and all the parameters available in the GIPP file of sen2cor.

Sen2Cor download and installation from SNAP

It is now possible to download directly from SNAP the current version of sen2cor and use it without installing anything else. This beta version of the sen2cor plugin makes possible to execute sen2cor without installing Anaconda.


Added support for the new product format introduced in autumn 2016 (PSD 14).

List of solved issues


* [SIITBX-248] - L2A SCL Masks do not appear to BandMath on GrephBuilder
* [SIITBX-251] - Reflectance2Radiance operator is not working with Sentinel-2 new format
* [SIITBX-253] - BaseProductReaderPlugIn getDecodeQualification is too slow
* [SIITBX-255] - S2 jpg2000 RGB issue
* [SIITBX-256] - GDAL reader interferes with other readers
* [SIITBX-257] - Help is broken after updating modules
* [SIITBX-258] - java.nio.file.ProviderNotFoundException when trying to open a *.tgz file
* [SIITBX-259] - Link to help does not work for S2 MCI processor
* [SIITBX-260] - Preset name in S2 MCI processor is wrong
* [SIITBX-261] - S2 cache clean-up not working
* [SIITBX-263] - "Generic Region Merging" help is disabled in the operator GUI.
* [SIITBX-265] - Image link not working properly in milti-size mosaic product
* [SIITBX-266] - In multi-size mosaic GUI, "Perform mosaic at native resolution" checkbox disables the "overlapping methods" combo
* [SIITBX-267] - In the Generic Region Merging operator the geocoding of the input product is not copied to the target product
* [SIITBX-268] - IllegalArgumentException in mosaic operator
* [SIITBX-269] - Changing the mosaic bounds has no effect in the ouput (module multi-size mosaic)
* [SIITBX-276] - Radiometric indices not working on not reprojected data
* [SIITBX-279] - (AP.8) Radiometric Indices have problems when used in a graph
* [SIITBX-280] - JP2 Reader is not able to open jp2 image generated with sen2cor at 10 or 20 m resolution
* [SIITBX-285] - S2 reader cannot open by folder name the L2A product with old naming convention
* [SIITBX-286] - S2 angles are not well computed when angle grids are not in order in the granule metadata file.

New Feature

* [SIITBX-272] - Segmentation Processor should be implemented in S2TBX
* [SIITBX-273] - Multi-size mosaic not available in SNAP
* [SIITBX-281] - CCI Land Cover module for CCI 2015 global map cover


* [SIITBX-118] - S-2 MSI readers to use ZIP-files as input
* [SIITBX-120] - Read DETECTOR FOOTPRINT masks per detector
* [SIITBX-157] - S2-MSI reader is too slow
* [SIITBX-225] - Sen2Cor adapter should allow to set advanced GIPP parameters
* [SIITBX-235] - Improved error diagnosis for openjpeg executables
* [SIITBX-262] - Better support for *.ers files by GDAL reader
* [SIITBX-264] - Generic Region Merging default parameters.
* [SIITBX-271] - Help missing for Generic Region Merging operator
* [SIITBX-274] - Sen2Three - Support for PSD 14
* [SIITBX-275] - Download and installation of sen2cor tool from SNAP

Changes in S2TBX 5.0

Main features

Sentinel-2 Product Reader

Support for PSD 14 Test product

In autumn 2016 a new product format will be introduced. This new format features the following main evolutions:

  • The product naming (including the naming of folders and files inside the product structure) has been compacted
  • The products distributed on the Sentinels Data Hub will embed one single tile of the tiling grid
  • A full resolution True-Colour Image (TCI) will be included in every product


The Sentinel-2 reader is now able to support the test product (PSD 14) available at this date for both L1C and L2A levels. Other formats were implemented but could not be tested. PSD 13 products are supported as before.

New RGB Profiles

More RGB profile are available: False-color Infrared, False-color Urban, Agriculture, Atmospheric penetration, Healthy Vegetation, Land/Water, Atmospherical Removal, Shortwave Infrared, Vegetation Analysis. RGB profiles over bands of different resolution can only be seen after resampling the product.

Tile Index Band

The different tiles/granules composing the full product overlap. Some "tile_id" bands and masks has been included to indicate the granule from which each pixel is extracted.

Sentinel-2 Product Reader documentation
  • Overview of the instrument
  • Description of supported products
  • Description of product format
  • Description of some generated bands: angles, tile index
Other Sentinel-2 Reader improvements

Granules can now be opened without reading the main XML file

Performance optimisations were performed, it is now much faster to open a product:

  • New method for reading the GML masks
  • New method for metadata reading

Clean properly cache

New Processors

Reflectance to Radiance Processor

The Reflectance to Radiance Processor converts the Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance to radiance from a given product. The formula implemented is:

radiance = pixelValue * cosinus(radians(incidenceAngle)) * solarIrradiance * scale / (pi * d2)

(the variables are described in the SNAP help)

For Sentinel-2 the incidence angle is replaced with the values from the sun_zenith band.

Sentinel-2 Water Processor - MCI

The Sentinel-2 MCI Processor calculates the Maximum Chlorophyll Index by exploiting the height of a measurement over a specific baseline.

L3 processor integrated via the Standalone Tools Adapter

A new Sen2Three plugin is available to call Sen2Three from the S2TBX, based on generic StandAlone Tools Adapter.

Sen2Three is a level 3 processor for the Spatio-Temporal Synthesis of bottom of atmosphere corrected Sentinel-2 level 2a images.


Non-native API Wrapper

OTB Python API inside SNAP Operator

A example explaining how to access OTB C++ application via Python API inside a SNAP Operator Plugin has been created. The example demonstrates computing ndvi for a source product opened in SNAP through OTB

List of solved issues


* [SIITBX-228] - S2-MSI reader does not load correctly the angles in some products
* [SIITBX-229] - Sen2Three progress is going over 100%
* [SIITBX-230] - SPOT-6 Reader test if failing
* [SIITBX-236] - View synchronization between bands and index masks does not work properly in Sentinel-2 products
* [SIITBX-240] - The Mosaic and SC map of Sentinel-2 level3 products are only available at one resolution
* [SIITBX-241] - The cache in memory is not properly cleaned when the user closes a Sentinel-2 product
* [SIITBX-243] - RGB image views do not update correctly on Mac OS X or even make OS unresponsive
* [SIITBX-245] - Cloud_Coverage_Assessment not represented in SNAP


* [SIITBX-111] - Sentinel-2 Reader documentation
* [SIITBX-180] - Add more RGB profiles
* [SIITBX-216] - Add a band keeping track of tile ids in L1C/L2A product
* [SIITBX-237] - Tile Index band : rename, group
* [SIITBX-239] - Support for opening a granule without needing files from the full product.
* [SIITBX-247] - Support for reading S2 products with new format (PSD14)


* [SIITBX-5] - Extension to diff. Language
* [SIITBX-6] - non-native API Wrapper
* [SIITBX-26] - Processor reflectance to radiance
* [SIITBX-28] - Processor L3
* [SIITBX-29] - Water Processor

Changes in S2TBX 4.0

Main features

Sentinel-2 Product Reader

"Long Paths" issue on Windows

Multiple fixes for minimizing the impact of the "Long Paths" issue on Windows OS. As long as you managed to uncompress a Sentinel-2 product on your HDD from the Windows Explorer, it will open correctly inside SNAP

Only multi-size product reading

The specific 10m, 20m and 60m readers have been removed. They were doing an automatic nearest neighbor resampling of any band to the target resolution, and this work is much better done with the Resampling operator, available via the Raster->Geometric Operations->Resampling menu. The Resampling operator allows for more choices of the target resolution, and allows one to choose the up and downsampling algorithms.

This also has the advantage that products where all granules are in the same UTM zone are read automatically by a single reader, so does not trigger the combo box for choosing the actual reader to use anymore. Products containing granules in several distincts UTM zones still require the user to choose which UTM zone to read.

The Level-2A reader, reading products produced by Sen2Cor, has been updated to provide multi-size products, in line with what is done for L1C products. It chooses the most precise resolution available for each band : L1C products processed by sen2cor up to 20m will have B1 and B9 at 60m, and all other bands at 20m. L1C products processed by sen2cor up to 10m will have B1 and B9 at 60m, B5/B6/B7/B8a/B11/B12 at 20m, and B2/B3/B4/B8 at 10m.

S2 product can be opened using their directory

It is now possible to drag-and-drop the directory containing a S2 product into the Product Explorer window to open them. No need to go find the xml file anymore.

Reflectance scaling

The scale factor of 10000 used to convert reflectance from their raw integer value to a meaningful reflectance value in [0, 1] is applied during product reading.

In the L2A product reader, appropriate scaling factors are applied to AOT and WVP bands to produce physical values.

Metadata improvements

The granule-specific metadata were not easily distinguishable. They now contain the MGRS tile identifier.

L2A Products now compatible with GPT

A small issue prevented L2A products from being used with the GPT. This is now fixed.

Sun and Viewing angles
  • The angles are now read at their original resolution, as provided in the metadata (5000 m). This will reduce a lot the HDD space requirements when converting S2 products to other format (BEAM-DIMAP, GeoTIFF).

  • The angles grids of adjacent tiles are automatically mosaicked. Since their resolution (5000m) is not compatible with the distance between two adjacent tiles (99960m), adjacent angles grid are interpolated to produce a mosaic at 5000m resolution. This particular issue has been reported to the S2-MPC.

  • Viewing angles retrieval from the metadata was buggy in previous SNAP versions. Now the Sentinel-2 reader produces one viewing angle grid for each band independently, merging the different viewing angle grids of each detector into one single image. For ease of use, a mean viewing angle grid is also provided, which averages the data provided by each band-specific grid. Their actual use in processors is still problematic since S2 products do not provide precise enough information about the detector from which a reflectance band pixel has been interpolated from. In the neighborhood of a detector switch, the viewing angles thus cannot be trusted.

Product time information

S2 products now include proper time information (Sensing start/stop time).

Masks grouping

Masks are now grouped by category, to avoid the masks folder to be too populated.

##### Level-2A Scene Classification colors

The different indices of the Scene Classification now follow the Sen2Cor documentation. For consistency, the masks generated for each class in the Scene Classification band also follow the same colors.

Level-3 Products support

Added support for the Level-3 products as generated by Sen2Three, the multitemporal synthesis processor, developed by Telespazio Vega Gmbh

Reader optimizations
  • OpenJPEG, the underlying tool which decompress the JP2 images has been updated to include important performance optimizations.

  • The reading of cloud masks (opaque_clouds and cirrus_clouds) available in L1C products, and copied as-is in L2A products by Sen2Cor, can be disabled in the preferences (Tools->Options->S2TBX). For cloudy S2 products, the loading time can be very high because of the reading of the cloud masks. In addition, L2A products provide a far more optimized opaque clouds/cirrus masks in raster format, as part of the Scene Classification band, making the cloud masks available in L1C products useless.

  • The interpretation of GML masks has been optimized

Spot 6/7 reader

RGB rendering

RGB rendering of Spot 6/7 products appeared overly dark. These has been fixed, by not using the histogram provided in the metadata.

The order of the bands has been fixed for the default profile.

Cache management

The Sentinel-2 Toolbox caches uncompressed regions of the JPEG2000 files read by the Sentinel-2 reader, the generic JP2 reader and the Spot 6/7 reader. Those files are stored in the user home directory and can grow big.

The cache can now be emptied regularly at startup. The frequency of the cache clean up can be tuned in the preferences pane. The default behavior for new installation is to remove from the cache the files that are more-than-a-week old.

New L2B Biophysical Products processor

The Sentinel-2 Toolbox now provides a biophysical products processor, developped by CS and INRA.

The processor computes LAI, FAPAR, FCOVER, CWC, CCC from top-of-canopy reflectances.

New IdePix Processor

The Sentinel-2 Toolbox now includes the Idepix Processor for Sentinel-2, developped by Brockmann Consult Gmbh.

The Idepix Processor provides a pixel classification into properties such as clear/cloudy, land/water, snow, ice etc.

The Sentinel-3 Toolbox provides similar functionnality for MODIS and Landsat-8 data.

New Radiometric Indices Processor

The Sentinel-2 Toolbox now includes an important number of well-known radiometric indices processors, developped by CS-Romania.

The following indices are made available :

  • Soil indices : SAVI, TSAVI, MSAVI, MSAVI2, BI, BI2, RI, CI
  • Water indices : NDWI, NDWI2, MNDWI, NDPI, NDTI

List of solved issues


* [SIITBX-100] - L1B reader does not read products with several datastrips correctly
* [SIITBX-114] - L2A readers says it is intended for all resolutions whatever the product type
* [SIITBX-165] - [L2A] Duplicated granule metadata
* [SIITBX-169] - Viewing angles mix data
* [SIITBX-175] - L1B from 10/12/2015 not opened corectly
* [SIITBX-181] - L1C products are missing time information
* [SIITBX-187] -  Error opening S2 image : IllegalArgumentException: dataType out of range! 
* [SIITBX-188] - Problem reading L2A files with GPT
* [SIITBX-191] - No intended reader for Spot 6 products
* [SIITBX-192] - L1B reader at 60m actually reads 20m bands
* [SIITBX-193] - S2 reader cannot read "old" 12 bpp product
* [SIITBX-194] - L2A scene classification has wrong colors
* [SIITBX-195] - JP2 reader cache should be versionned
* [SIITBX-196] - JP2 reader cache : use full paths of products
* [SIITBX-197] - JP2 reader cache : invalidate cache based on dates
* [SIITBX-202] - Infinite recursion when shortening Windows path
* [SIITBX-203] - Sentinel-2 MSI reader displays grey image with too long paths
* [SIITBX-204] - Milliseconds are read as microseconds
* [SIITBX-205] - An error occurs when a L1B product is opened with "all resolution" reader.
* [SIITBX-206] - Spot-6 images are black or dark
* [SIITBX-207] - Spot-6 unit is "nanometer"
* [SIITBX-208] - Wrong RGB profile for SPOT 6/7 Reader
* [SIITBX-209] - S2TBX Cache increases continuously
* [SIITBX-220] - Some acceptance tests for MSI reader are not passed. 


* [SIITBX-117] - S-2 MSI readers to use directories as input
* [SIITBX-172] - [L2A] Implement multisize reader
* [SIITBX-199] - Better error report for OpenJPEG executable binary compatibility failure
* [SIITBX-200] - OpenJPEG binaries do not work on MacOSX 10.7
* [SIITBX-201] - OpenJPEG binaries deployed in auxdata should be versioned
* [SIITBX-211] - Change mono-resolution readers to be SUITABLE instead of INTENDED
* [SIITBX-212] - S2 tile metadata improvement
* [SIITBX-213] - Integrate multithreaded openjpeg
* [SIITBX-214] - L2A scl masks do not have the same color as their index coding palette
* [SIITBX-217] - Configuration of MSI readers
* [SIITBX-221] - Scale physical bands of S2 products
* [SIITBX-222] - Read Dark Dense Vegetation output when it is generated by sen2cor
* [SIITBX-223] - Implement L2B Biophysical Processor


* [SIITBX-20] - 4 segmentation algo
* [SIITBX-21] - Classification

Changes in S2TBX 3.0

Main features

  • S2-MSI reader: many fixes and improvements, including
    • Big S2 datasets could lead to "Too many file opened" exceptions.
    • Angles grid now strictly fit to image in terms of size.
    • The S2 and JP2 readers were not usable in a headless environment.
    • Fixed description and units for S2 bands
    • Resource leaks detected by Coverity ( fixed
    • Better validation of Angles Grid data
    • Color rendering of L2A Scene Classification now fits with PDD & ATBD
  • Spot-6 Reader
  • OTB tools integration via STA :
    • HaralickTextureExtraction
    • MeanShiftSmoothing
    • MultivariateAlterationDetector
    • Pansharpening-bayes
    • Pansharpening-lmvm
    • Pansharpening-rcs
    • Rasterization-image
    • Rasterization-manual
    • Segmentation-cc
    • Segmentation-meanshift
    • Segmentation-mprofiles
    • Segmentation-watershed
    • SFSTextureExtraction

Solved issues

  • [SIITBX-90] - 'Export mask definition(s) to XML file does not work
  • [SIITBX-103] - Add Licences for each module
  • [SIITBX-128] - Nicely handle products with subset of bands
  • [SIITBX-144] - Unable to use openjpeg in a snap-engine only environment
  • [SIITBX-145] - S2 readers : Missing band description
  • [SIITBX-146] - S2 readers: missing band unit
  • [SIITBX-153] - Angles of S2 product don't get saved correctly
  • [SIITBX-154] - Geo-referencement of S2 product don't get saved correctly
  • [SIITBX-161] - Decoding JPEG2000 files became slow
  • [SIITBX-168] - [L2A] Wrong description/unit for quality bands
  • [SIITBX-173] - "Too many open files" when reading big S2 datasets
  • [SIITBX-176] - Can't producd RGB with product
  • [SIITBX-177] - JP2 Reader has no unit tests
  • [SIITBX-179] - Scottish effect when displaying 20m bands
  • [SIITBX-182] - Sentinel-2 reader a bottleneck for generally opening products
  • [SIITBX-184] - Problem with Spot 6 masks: memory consumption
  • [SIITBX-185] - SPOT 6 masks are displayed by default
  • [SIITBX-186] - Can't open product SPOT-6_1.5m_Ortho_Bundle_12_bits
  • [SIITBX-189] - Issue to open/import/read directly jpeg2000 files on Linux
  • [SIITBX-119] - Products read by S-2 MSI readers don't work well with spectrum view
  • [SIITBX-133] - Use JP2 reader for implementing S2MSI reader
  • [SIITBX-166] - Fix copyright headers in source code
  • [SIITBX-167] - Missing description and Unit for sun/view angles grids
  • [SIITBX-170] - [OpenJPEG] only deploy the binaries
  • [SIITBX-171] - [OpenJPEG] Set permissions during deployment in auxdata folder
  • [SIITBX-142] - Add SPOT 6-7 readers
  • [SIITBX-190] - OpenJPEG 2.1 outputs TIF with wrong reflectance value

Changes in S2TBX 2.0

Main features

  • S2-MSI reader
    • L1C
      • All spectral bands are read, either in native resolution, or resampled to a common resolution
      • Support for the latest PSD
      • Interpretation of all GML quality masks
    • L2A
      • All spectral bands are read by L2A reader, currently with resampling
      • Reading of AOT, Water Vapour, Cloud & Snow Confidence, Scene Classification
      • Support for products with tiles in different UTM zones, like in L1C reader
    • All S2 readers
      • Lots of code refactoring
      • Optimization of the mosaic operators processing chain
      • Fixed installation issues with OpenJPEG executables
      • Migration to NetBeans platform
      • Lots of bug fixes
  • Sen2Cor Standalone Tool Adapter
    • Provided a new Sen2Cor plugin to call Sen2Cor from the S2TBX, based on generic StandAlone Tools Adapter
  • SPOT reader
    • SPOT 1/2/3/4/5 support (DIMAP & SpotView)
    • SPOT4-Take5 & SPOT5-Take5 support
  • RapidEye reader
  • Deimos reader

Solved issues

* [SIITBX-38] - L1C Reader Implementation
* [SIITBX-39] - L2A Reader Implementation
* [SIITBX-40] - L1B Reader implementation
* [SIITBX-41] - Multi-Resolution support implementation
* [SIITBX-42] - Read product over severall UTM zones implementation
* [SIITBX-58] - Read GML masks
* [SIITBX-69] - Synchronize S-2 project with SNAP-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
* [SIITBX-70] - Check the Multi-Size product feature
* [SIITBX-71] - Adapt the S-2 reader to multi-resolution
* [SIITBX-72] - Update of the readers name
* [SIITBX-73] - Copyrights to fix
* [SIITBX-74] - Solar angles should be displayed properly
* [SIITBX-78] - Hard-code resolution information depending on the bands
* [SIITBX-1] - Export of S2 product to GeoTiff and ENVI fails for some combination of bands
* [SIITBX-43] - RapidEye reader misreading start time
* [SIITBX-82] - Check lines 4783 - 4789 with original ATCOR code and correct, if needed
* [SIITBX-87] - Sentinel-2 readers don't all appear in 'File --> Import --> Optical Sensors menu
* [SIITBX-88] - Wrong file filters for S2 products with File --> Open Product
* [SIITBX-91] - RGB Combination from generated bands does not work
* [SIITBX-94] - It is not possible anymore to open a single granule.
* [SIITBX-95] - Most graph builder operations are not working with S2 products
* [SIITBX-97] - Cannot read latest L1B product
* [SIITBX-98] - S2 reader tries to read dimap product
* [SIITBX-99] - Multi UTM zones support for L2A
* [SIITBX-102] - L1B granule width must be dynamically found
* [SIITBX-104] - Masks appear only when they contain polygons
* [SIITBX-106] - Sentinel-2 readers have NetBeans dependencies
* [SIITBX-107] - NPE occurs in J2kProductReaderPlugin when trying to open file without extension
* [SIITBX-108] - When opening a produt at 20 or 60m, references to 10m remains
* [SIITBX-112] - L2A bands can't be opened at 10m
* [SIITBX-123] - JP2 reader should use SNAP cache dir
* [SIITBX-126] - Band to Scene transform for Multi resolution products
* [SIITBX-127] - NPE when reading a L2A product via gpt
* [SIITBX-129] - L2A reader should read scene classification, WV and AOT bands
* [SIITBX-130] - L2A reader band names
* [SIITBX-131] - S2 masks have too complicated names
* [SIITBX-135] - Missing layer.xml for JP2 reader
* [SIITBX-143] - File->Import->Sentinel2 menu does not work anymore
* [SIITBX-147] - S2-L1C tile JP2 file not read correctly by JP2reader
* [SIITBX-148] - MacOSX exception when reading a product in beta8
* [SIITBX-149] - opening different instances with Sentinel-2 reader does not behave as expected
* [SIITBX-150] - Can't open product with "Import->OpticalSensors->Sentinel2->S2-MSI L1C"
* [SIITBX-152] - OpenJPEG can't decode some 20m bands
* [SIITBX-155] - opj_decompress cannot be found if s2tbx is installed after main intallation
* [SIITBX-156] - If S2TBX is installed via the plugin manager, S2 MSI Reader does not work
* [SIITBX-158] - Handle OpenJPEG decoding errors
* [SIITBX-159] - Multi-resolution reader on graph builder
* [SIITBX-160] - L1C Cloud masks generate NPE
* [SIITBX-162] - Synchronization of image views does not work correctly for MSI L1C products
* [SIITBX-163] - S2 masks all have the same colour
* [SIITBX-164] - Masks are available only for 10m bands in the mask manager
* [SIITBX-68] - Graph Builder: update the S-2 processors
* [SIITBX-75] - Fix the tests on S2
* [SIITBX-115] - Change the cache dir for S2 readers
* [SIITBX-2] - S2 L1C reader is resampling all bands at 10m
* [SIITBX-101] - L1B reader should adapt JP2 tiling scheme dynamically
* [SIITBX-116] - Missing S-2 MSI L1C reader that reads all bands at same size
* [SIITBX-124] - JP2 reader architecture update
* [SIITBX-134] - Mix of J2K and JP2 in J2K reader
* [SIITBX-3] - CLONE - RQT 87, Smart configurator
* [SIITBX-4] - S2 reader
* [SIITBX-7] - Standalone tool adapter
* [SIITBX-8] - 3rd party plugin
* [SIITBX-9] - Undo/Redo
* [SIITBX-10] - Progress indicator
* [SIITBX-18] - Read S2 GML masks
* [SIITBX-22] - Extract pixel value
* [SIITBX-25] - Basic image filtering
* [SIITBX-27] - Processor integrate L2A module
* [SIITBX-30] - Benchmark by optimizer
* [SIITBX-31] - Optimizer propose setup values
* [SIITBX-32] - Re-running the smart configurator
* [SIITBX-33] - Processing preview
* [SIITBX-35] - Performance Optimization (2/8)
* [SIITBX-36] - Predefined processing chains