Ext JS / Electron Helpers and Example App
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Ext JS / Electron Helpers and Example App


Complete the following steps to get the workspace fully initialized.

1. Install Ext JS

Get Ext JS 6.2.0 and unzip it in a directory:

$ mkdir ~/sencha-frameworks
$ cd ~/sencha-frameworks
$ unzip ext-6.2.0-commercial.zip

You will now have a "sencha-frameworks/ext-6.2.0" directory.

(You can use any folder you like, but "~/sencha-frameworks" is convenient).

Run The setup Script

If you are on Mac OS X or Linux, run this command first (at the root directory):

$ chmod +x ./setup

Now to reinitialize the Sencha Cmd workspace and application, run this command:

$ ./setup ~/sencha-frameworks


To run the example application, do the following from the root directory:

$ npm run app