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Ext React KitchenSink

This project demonstrates the use of all ExtReact components.


ExtReact and all related packages are hosted on Sencha's private NPM registry. To gain access to this registry, sign up for a trial of ExtReact.

Once you have received your credentials, you can authenticate by running the following command:

npm login --registry= --scope=@sencha

Then, run the following to build and launch the app:

git clone
cd packages/ext-react-kitchensink
npm install
npm start

You can view the app by pointing your browser to http://localhost:1962

Running against a local copy of the SDK repo

  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. cd packages/ext-react-kitchensink
  4. ln -s /path/to/ExtJS ext - or, for Windows: mklink ext /path/to/ExtJS
  5. npm run local
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