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App Inspector for Sencha

Google Chrome™ Dev Tools extension for debugging Sencha™ applications.

Available on Chrome Store

Read more on the Sencha blog:


  • Creates a new section on Dev Tools elements panel displaying properties of a given component if they match the selected DOM node.
  • Creates a new Sencha panel with a variety of debugging utilities for the Sencha Touch and Ext JS frameworks


This Chrome extension has 3 pieces:

  • background: a page that works on the background and coordinates communication between tabs and the inspector
  • devtools: bootstrap the dev tools extension, adding panels on the element tab and the new Sencha tab
  • inspector: the App Inspector itself. It's rendered in an iframe inside dev tools

Read more on:

Known Issues

There are some APIs from Dev Tools that are not fully exposed, so the App Inspector uses some work arounds:

  • Component highlighting is executed manually via CSS
  • DOM modifications (add/remove/move components) do not reflect automatically on the App Inspector, which is why we have "reload" buttons.


This is a community project, so feel free to fork it. Pull requests with bug fixes and new features are welcomed!

Please read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

The UI for the Sencha panel is built using:

  • Sencha Architect 3.x
  • Sencha Ext JS 4.2.x
  • Sencha Cmd 4.x

View the documentation for the Chrome-wrapped utilities under /docs/ in your browser.

Install & Build

This project relies on npm and Grunt to build locally.

  • Run npm install to install all Node.js dependencies from package.json
  • If you are building the project for the first time, be sure to open the Architect project and hit "save" to generate the necessary Sencha Cmd bits


Google Chrome™ Dev Tools extension for debugging Sencha™ applications.




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