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This public repository is home for publicly developed, example packages for distribution via Sencha Cmd.

These packages are provided "as is" and we welcome any Pull Requests you may have for bug fixes or improvements. For details see the license.

To see the list of packages in this repository, check the "packages" folder.

This workspace does not contain any frameworks, but the packages and apps in this workspace need a framework in order to build. By default the "ext" and "touch" frameworks are mapped to the standard paths for a workspace, but we have "ignored these paths from source control:


In order to build the packages and apps in this workspace, either copy a version of the ext and/or touch framework to the standard path, or modify the ext.dir and or touch.dir properties in .sencha/workspace/sencha.cfg to point to a location of your choosing.

If you are using Windows, you can run:

cd CmdPackages
mklink /D ext C:\Code\ext-5.0.1

You will need to run this as Administrator. To remove this link use rd.