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Component Based Ext.dataview.DataView Example Application

This is a sample application written using Sencha Touch 2 to show the awesomeness of the component version of Ext.dataview.DataView.


You can run this example by simply cloning this repository and opening index.html. This works even though I have not included the Sencha Touch 2 framework. This is because I have built my MVC application into the all-classes.js file.



I have not included Sencha Touch in this repository. The steps to include it are

  1. Download Sencha Touch 2 from the Sencha Website
  2. Unpack the SDK and move it to the lib/touch2 directory (so you should have a lib/touch2/sencha-touch-debug.js file).
  3. Open index-debug.html

At the time of writing this, Sencha Touch 2 is on its first beta release. This example should work with the GA release of Sencha Touch 2, but no promises. :)

Building the application

If you want to build the application and run the production version (index.html), you must use the SDK Tools and do some fanciness.

  1. Download the SDK Tools 2.0 beta from here (bottom of the page)
  2. Install
  3. Run the following command within this directory: sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d .
  4. Done

Building the SASS/Theme

You'll need SASS and Compass installed to do this.

  1. sudo gem install compass (if not installed)
  2. Run the following command within this directory: compass compile resources/sass
  3. Done.