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Thank you for your great library!

With node-inspector (https://github.com/dannycoates/node-inspector) we have a nice debugger for webkit based browsers where we could set breakpoints etc on the fly.

Sometimes the routing is not that simple, so you don't want to always look into your code, where the route finally lands.
So I found it useful to set a breakpoint on line 147 in file

where the route is called:

 route.call(self, req, res, function(err){

When I jump into this call I am directly in my code that handles the route.
But it is annoying and error prone to search for this place, so the question is, if you could make it easy to expose this place to a higher level, so that we call write a function or middleware that may act as a final filter before the direct call. We could then write a "debugger" statement or whatever in order to get to this breakpoint.

I don't know how this could fit into connect and therefor didn't make a patch. But I guess you get the point.

Best Regards

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