qs module in bodyDecoder should support JSON arrays? #324

Marak opened this Issue Jul 17, 2011 · 6 comments


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Marak commented Jul 17, 2011

If I parse this string:


I currently get:


I'd like to get:

 {"users": [{"name":"marak"},{"name":"tj"}]}

Would you be willing to add this to the qs module?

tmpvar commented Jul 17, 2011

agreed, I'd expect the latter


aredridel commented Jul 17, 2011

Post-parse, perhaps -- if an object has only numeric keys, convert to an array?

Hard to do in-parser since it depends on later context.

Marak commented Jul 17, 2011

I think coercing objects with numerical props to arrays post-parse is a possible solution, but the idea of having to run an additional traverse on my JSON object and performing all those casts seems like a lot of over-head...

Marak commented Jul 17, 2011

Related issue, couldnt find qs repo before:



tj commented Jul 17, 2011

x-www-form-urlencoded is all kinds of fucked up, though I agree that's definitely reasonable to expect


aredridel commented Jul 17, 2011

Yeah. People have imposed structure on x-www-form-urlencoded that isn't naturally there. It's not such a mess until people do, but that's widespread now.

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