Router doesn't support HEAD anymore #347

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I recently reinstalled connect, only to find that where I implement HEAD request handling I was getting errors. I did a little research and it looks like this commit broke things: 199ba8e

Even though HEAD requests aren't common, they're still part of the spec, so they should be in there.

Is there any reason why this was taken out? There was even an issue about proper HEAD support that was marked as resolved earlier this year, so it seems to be a priority of connect.

tj commented Aug 17, 2011

router will be removed in 2.x

Will you be maintaining a separate router module, or should I roll my own (or move router to it's own separate module)?

tj commented Aug 17, 2011

nope I wont personally, you're definitely free to take it and alter whatever you need (and list it in the wiki :)). I originally ported it from Express because I thought it would be useful for others, and then I ended up changing it more and more for what I needed in Express, and eventually just wrote a new one for Express since it needed too many changes, which made me realize core Connect is not the right place for routers, they are too opinionated

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