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default req.body to {} regardless of content-type #354

tj opened this Issue · 4 comments

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tj commented

perhaps a little misleading since it will look like you may have an appropriate content-type with no body, but it's pretty fragile otherwise, I've seen quite a bit of code including some of my own assuming its presence:'/foo', function(req, res){

for example will break if you dont post json or x-www-form-urlencoded data

@ryanrolds ryanrolds referenced this issue from a commit in ryanrolds/connect
@ryanrolds ryanrolds Default req.body to {} per #354 ae832c5
@tj tj closed this

awesome, I've been having the same issue since a while too.


This change breaks connect-form, which won't do its job unless body === undefined.

tj commented

@pacovell yeah I saw that in connect-form's issues. 1.8.0 adds req.body support for multipart now


Great, will check that out. Thanks.

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