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chjj commented Oct 23, 2011

I was just aimlessly browsing the code a little bit and think I might've spotted something.

A line in the body parser middleware reads:

var parser = exports.parse[mime(req)];

mime returns the content-type and a property of exports.parse is accessed using the mime type. Since exports.parse inherits from Object, an attacker could select any property from Object.prototype. Someone could easily send a content type of __lookupSetter__ or something else on the object prototype. The parser variable would be assigned to Object.prototype.__lookupSetter__, called with a context of the global object, with the request body as its first parameter.

All someone would have to do is send a request that looks something like:

Content-Type: __lookupSetter__

hello world
$ curl -X POST -d "hello world" -H "Content-Type: __lookupGetter__"

At the very least, it could set req.body to undefined and cause some unexpected errors. It could probably do something worse depending on the environment. I guess a simple hasOwnProperty check would fix this.

(edit: In my original tests, Object.prototype.valueOf called with the global object as the context seemed to return the global object in the node repl. I can't seem to reproduce it with connect. That might be a pretty serious issue if req.body was getting set to the global object, but it seems alright.)


jonathanong commented Sep 15, 2013

that line in bodyparser no longer exists

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