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Add Expires header to 'static' Middleware #410

bminer opened this Issue Nov 11, 2011 · 5 comments

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bminer commented Nov 11, 2011

In addition to 'Cache-Control', the 'Expires' header would be a nice add. 'Expires' is more widely supported across browsers anyway.


If you want, I can fork and submit a pull request, but since it's such a small change, I wasn't sure.

bminer commented Nov 11, 2011

Something like this might work:

var d = new Date().getTime() + maxAge;
res.setHeader('Expires', new Date(d).toUTCString() );
@ryanrolds ryanrolds added a commit to ryanrolds/connect that referenced this issue Nov 19, 2011
@ryanrolds ryanrolds Added Expires header (max one year) for #410 e10844e
saich commented Nov 29, 2011

My understanding about the Expires is that if a cached entry has a valid expiration date the browser can reuse the content without having to contact the server at all when a page or site is revisited. That is, no unused 304 responses....

Can you confirm if I'm right? Or I missed something?

bminer commented Nov 29, 2011

@saich - that's correct. Thanks, @ryanrolds for pull request #416


@saich, the same applies to HTTP/1.1's version of Expires, Cache-Control. Expires is deprecated in favor of Cache-Control, which allows much more fine grained control of freshness and expiration.

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