Redirecting to // - connect.static bug on Windows #427

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When using connect.static on Windows (with Express), when visiting http://localhost it will show you:

Redirecting to //

even though you have the '/' route defined. I managed to find a workaround for this by using 'redirect: false' as an option, but this is a bug as far as I can tell (on Linux I never got that).

Note: I did not have anything except a txt file in the public folder. (so no index.html there)


tj commented Nov 28, 2011

thanks i'll add a test case for this in a bit and get it covered

andihit commented Dec 3, 2011

Same problem here, but in my case, I have an index.html.
I investigated a bit, and the issue lies in this line:

if ('/' == path[path.length - 1]) path += 'index.html';

in lib/middleware/static.js.
Because node's path.join uses \ on windows, we'll need an check like this

var pathsep = process.platform === 'win32' ? '\\' : '/';
if (pathsep == path[path.length - 1]) path += 'index.html';

mojodna commented Dec 7, 2011

+1 on @andihit's fix.

mojodna commented Dec 7, 2011


if (normalize('/') == path[path.length - 1]) path += 'index.html';

hdf commented Dec 16, 2011

Yes, this bug has been bothering me for months now.
+1 on @mojodna -s fix.

tj closed this in b74a338 Dec 16, 2011


tj commented Dec 16, 2011

sorry for the delay i've been sick, i'll push a new release

keichii commented Feb 9, 2012

this is wrong... please adjust
if (normalize('/') == path[path.length - 1]) path += 'index.html';


if (normalize('/') == normalize(path[path.length - 1])) path += 'index.html';

broked all the frameworks who used this:


it fixed this bug on windows.

oluwie commented Apr 19, 2012

This fix works on all browsers for me except for Chrome.

Any ideas????

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