Bug (CSRF undefined) + Fix #509

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I came across an error _"Cannot read property 'csrf' of undefined"
(connect/lib/middleware/csrf.js line 79)

This was due to me using the session.ignore array for certain paths.

To make connect tolerant for that specific situation I present the following fix.

In file connect/lib/middleware/csrf.js

module.exports = function csrf(options) {
  var options = options || {}
    , value = options.value || defaultValue;

  return function(req, res, next){

    if (req.session) { // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This condition should fix it
        // generate CSRF token
        var token = req.session._csrf || (req.session._csrf = utils.uid(24));

        // ignore GET (for now)
        if ('GET' == req.method) return next();

        // determine value
        var val = value(req);

        // check
        if (val != token) return utils.forbidden(res);

Man There is no need to do this

Just set csrf() in the follow order and will work!

    app.use(express.session({key: 'ts', cookie: {maxAge: 60000}}));
    app.use(express.csrf()); // It must stay after the express.session() and express.cookieParset().

This will work on Connect and Express, which I showed that example

Iftahh commented Oct 28, 2012

I agree with @jorisroling, I bumped into it as well.
csrf middleware isn't working if you have urls that skip the session middleware (by using the session.ignore array).

I see the ignore array was removed a while ago by 73bf054

but when it was included, it was incompatible with csrf middleware.

@caio-ribeiro-pereira your example does not trigger the bug because you have no ignore urls set up.

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