delete session property doesn't work for IE8 #562

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Really strange one this one, I'm filing it on behalf of @jaredhanson as this is part of the Passport library. I'm testing with IE8, IE9, Chrome & iPad Safari 5 and only IE8 exhibits this behaviour.

*log in
*navigate to a page in the app
*hit sign out => redirects to login
*Manually enter the last URL you were at => Access granted.

Seemingly does not work in IE8. Is this a known bug?

This is also recorded on passport's issues list #22

+1. I have seen this too.


dougwilson commented Oct 30, 2013

After the *Manually enter the last URL you were at => Access granted., if you click on a link to do something in the site that needs you to be logged in does it work? It sounds to me IE8 is just serving a cached page.


jonathanong commented Oct 30, 2013

You're going to need a test case, preferably without passport because I dint know how it works


dougwilson commented Oct 30, 2013

I'll do some testing in IE8 regarding this to see what I find. If you have an example app (not using Passport) that reproduces the issue, that would help, though.

@ghost ghost assigned dougwilson Oct 30, 2013


dougwilson commented Nov 18, 2013

@steveworkman @bilalaslam I haven't been able to find anything. Please send an example app that doesn't use anything but connect and include the steps to reproduce, or we cannot proceed.

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