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Licensing issue: Change 'crc' dependecy to 'buffer-crc32' #712

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Connect depends on the node module 'crc' ( which has licensing issues (alexgorbatchev/node-crc#2)

Express moved to to solve this issue.


Ignore, I just realized that connect is using crc16, which doesn't have a MIT/BSD licensed alternative.

@mdp mdp closed this
Sencha Labs member
tj commented

the perf is probably negligible between 16/32, we could probably switch to the same lib express is using even though the payloads are a lot smaller

@mdp mdp added a commit to mdp/connect that referenced this issue
@mdp mdp Replace 'node-crc' with 'buffer-crc32', fixes licensing
The 'crc' package is using code that is not freely licensed(MIT/BSD)

Express also moved to 'buffer-crc32' recently because of this issue.

Fixes senchalabs/connect#712
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